Kärcher South Africa


Kärcher South Africa celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2009, which was coincidently the 25th anniversary of the Kärcher high pressure cleaner for household use. Kärcher South Africa has a Professional dealer network of over 35 dealers located throughout Southern Africa. Each Professional Kärcher dealer has a dedicated Kärcher workshop and trained Kärcher technician/s. The Professional Kärcher dealers are able to offer excellent advice and service for all your cleaning equipment requirements.

Kärcher, a brand name that stands for power, quality and innovation is the world market leader in cleaning technology. Kärcher has demonstrated its expertise in many unusual cleaning projects, such as: Statue of Christ (Rio de Janeiro-Brazil), Statue of Liberty (New York-USA), Brandenburg Gate (Germany), St. Peter's Square (Rome-Italy), the Olympic Games in 2000 (Sydney-Australia), Colossus of Memnon (Luxor-Egypt), Mount Rushmore (South Dakota-USA).

Some of the more popular product ranges available in South Africa are:

High pressure cleaners

Kärcher invented the high-pressure cleaner and applied for the European patent in 1950. Today, there is hardly a task that cannot be accomplished with a Kärcher high pressure cleaner: Cleaning large surface areas, removing stubborn dirt or getting into difficult-to-reach areas - you can clean almost anything with Kärcher high pressure cleaners. As a world market leader, Kärcher offers a range of products that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of technical refinement and its scope of applications – be it cold water or hot water units, powered by electric motor or petrol/diesel engine, mobile or stationary. Because of slim space-saving design and high cleaning efficiency these high pressure cleaners are well known for fast and thorough cleaning jobs on the farm, in the workshop, for company fleets and machinery and do it yourself enthusiasts. From the small, low-priced entry-level unit to the high-performance models with three-phase motor – price-conscious users in agriculture, crafts, sub-construction works, cleanings services and municipal services can find what they need at Kärcher.

Vacuum cleaners

In terms of suction power, Kärcher is constantly setting the standards with its innovative filter and application technology. Kärcher’s comprehensive range offers the machine to ideally suit every cleaning task around the home, in contract cleaning, the crafts and trades, commerce and industry – be it dry, damp or liquid.

Spray extraction (carpet cleaning machines)

Cleaning professionals have come to appreciate Kärcher spray-extraction units for many areas of application: They are characterised by their robust technology, superior cleaning performance and general usability. They are ideal for fibre-deep cleaning of wall-to-wall carpeting, upholstery, vertical louvre blinds and car seats. Equipped with the right accessories, they can also be used for cleaning tiles and windows.

Scrubber driers

Kärcher scrubber-driers are the optimum choice in those areas where it is necessary to have polished and hygienically clean floors. They are ideal for deep-cleaning, maintaining and polishing hard and resilient floors. The Kärcher product range covers most specific requirements, such as working close to edges or cleaning large surfaces


From push sweepers to industry and city cleaners. Kärcher sweepers and vacuum sweepers are built to the latest engineering standards. Designed for rugged reliability, they incorporate highly efficient sweeping and vacuum technology that leaves nothing unswept. Kärcher machines clean indoor and outdoor areas effectively and economically.

“More time to enjoy life.” As a user, one expects cleaning appliances to produce good results with a minimum of effort. Kärcher knows what is needed to achieve both these goals – convenient, effective and powerful units – and therefore invests in innovations, which combine user-friendliness with thoroughness.